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r.a. in review

This year as an R.A., perhaps the biggest lessons I have learned are about myself. I’ve heard the exhortation “Know yourself” for years, understood that it is probably important, but have never really known where to start. After our tragedy this summer, I knew I couldn’t just live in the status quo of my low self-awareness and self-love. Many people reminded me over the summer that I didn’t have to take the position, that it might be good to take the year easy. But I wanted to be an R.A., despite feeling emotionally and mentally unprepared, because I didn’t want to walk this journey alone. I wanted a team, and I wanted a dorm – both places I wanted to turn into places of safety. The R.A.D., the dorm, and Kelly have been God’s biggest ways of loving me this year.
This R.A.D. team has been central to encouraging me to keep going, and keep being honest, even as I have chosen to dive into myself, mostly by their example. It started honestly when I showed up for SLO-Week in tears, heart-bre…

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